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Human Resource Management for Non Finance Managers

  • 10Days
  • 12Steps


Empower Your People, Drive Business Success This self-paced, two-week e-learning course equips non-finance managers with essential Human Resource (HR) knowledge and skills. You'll gain a solid understanding of core HR functions, navigate legal requirements, and learn to build strong workplace relationships. Why is HR Important for Non-Finance Managers? Effective people management is critical for any organization's success. Whether leading a team, recruiting talent, or motivating employees, understanding HR principles empowers you to: Attract and Retain Top Talent: Learn best practices for recruitment and onboarding to build a strong, engaged workforce. Motivate and Develop Your Team: Discover strategies to enhance communication, provide effective feedback, and foster a positive work environment. Ensure Compliance: Gain knowledge of key HR laws and regulations to avoid legal issues. Drive Business Performance: By effectively managing your people, you contribute directly to achieving your organization's goals. What You'll Learn: The Role of HR in Your Organization: Explore the core functions of HR and understand how they impact your team and the overall business strategy. Building Effective Teams: Discover how to communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and foster collaboration within your team. The Legal Framework of HR: Gain an overview of key HR laws and regulations relevant to your region to ensure compliance.

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K 1,500.00


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