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For undertaking Job Evaluations, we work in collaboration with Tremendis Learning Pty who provide Online Human Capital Management and Development tools incorporating soft skills training and coaching.  Tremendis Learning offers expert advisory support and consultation across a number of critical Human Resource functions, have a unique methodology and approach applied transversely, providing the full solution to human capital management needs. 


Our Core Competencies

  • Job Evaluation and grading through our online application.  The primary methodology for grading is Paterson. • Consulting and auditing of HR job grading outcomes

  • Sole Provider and owner of the Autograde online system

  • Alignment of HR structure, organograms and job descriptions prior to the job grading process if required

  • Online employee testing and assessments

  • Salary Benchmarking online 

  • Identification of Job vs Employee gap analysis 

  • Soft skills training, coaching and development courses

  • Group restructuring and change management consulting and the application thereof

  • Software platforms for your full HR Needs (incorporating integration in biometrics; payroll and much more) 


They offer a 360 solution to Human Resource through a Human Capital Management Tool, namely:

  • Employee Development Plans

  • Internal Equity

  • Salary Benchmarking (Online)

  • Employee Assessments (Online)

  • Subjective Employee Testing

  • Job Grading (Online) Paterson Methodology 

  • Soft Skills Training and Coaching

  • Clymatizer (Online)

  • HR4All (Full HR Management, Development and Operational HR tool)

  • Job Description and Organogram Module with version controls and Automated input and updating of the organogram/s within your organizational structure online.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation to conduct  a job evaluation or related assignment.

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