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"It takes a village to raise a child"~ African Proverb

This apt proverb summarizes the thought that it takes a dedicated caring community to raise a child. All the adults in the community contribute in some way to the raising of the child. Regardless of the child's biological parents, its upbringing belongs to the community. The Africanist perspective is more about community, it's more about collaboration. It's about collective social responsibility. 


Our GOAL is to help at least 1000 graduates gain hands-on work experience IN THEIR FIELD each year through the Ubuntu Internship Program, beginning in the year 2024.This will be achieved by the village of employers hosting a minimum of 2 children (university or college graduates), our target being to partner with at least 500 companies in all sectors of the economy.

If you are a university or college graduate and would like to be part of this program, click the button to enroll.

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