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Payroll and Benefits Administration

You shouldn’t have to tolerate high costs around payroll and you should never accept mistakes as a normal part of running payroll. Our payroll administration team consists of seasoned professionals who can tackle challenges. Payroll is time consuming. It’s the least strategic aspect of any HR function. By outsourcing the administrative headaches that come with payroll, your Human Resource team can develop crucial, employee-related aspects of your business to help you attract and retain talent.

Through our payroll administration, we provide you the following:

  • Accurate, affordable end to end managed payroll

  • Management and tracking of paid time off and leave

  • Payroll processing

  • Leave days management

  • Gratuity tracking

  • Management of health insurance

  • management and payment

  • Pension tracking, management and payment

  • Leave Pay tracking, management and payment

  • Tracking, preparation and submission of statutory payments such as NAPSA, PAYE, Workman's Compensation, NHIMA, and Personal Levy.

  • Secure dashboard and reporting for total transparency

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