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Human Resource Support

Do not spend money on Human Resource functions that could be handled more professionally and efficiently by experts.  We structure our services around your needs, freeing up time for you to focus your energies on running your business while we take care of your Human Resource functions.

We outsource to you a wide range of tailor-made Human Resource services that include:


  • Onboarding and offboarding

  • Recruitment and placement

  • Performance management

  • HR compliance and regulatory issues

  • Preparation of Employment contracts

  • Formulation of HR Policies

  • Drafting of Job descriptions

  • Formulation and implementation of Disciplinary Code and Grievance Procedures

  • Formulation and interpretation of Conditions of service

  • HR audits

  • Benefits administration

  • General HR advice

  • Provision of Interns and Part-time employees


This is how it works: We allocate a Human Resource staff to your company to attend to specific Human Resource functions and activities in your company . This can be either on-sight or off-sight depending on your preference or the situation at hand. The staff works either for a specific number of hours per week (e.g. 2 hours), or for a specific `number of days (e.g. 3 days or throughout the month. The billing is done at the end of the month as per signed contract.


Another value add is that you get to choose whether you want to outsource one HR function or many. 

Benefits of our Human Resource outsourced functions:

  • You get tailor-made solutions

  • Your company gets to grow quicker and smarter

  • We help to eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency

  • Helps you jumpstart strategic Human Resource initiatives in your company

  • Helps to control benefit costs

  • Assists in streamlining management to free up internal resources

  • It reduces regulatory and compliance risks and thereby reduces chances of litigation

  • It creates a better employee experience

  • It helps to attract and retain top talent that will bring value to the business.

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