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Human Healthcare Consultant


Reporting to the Healthcare Director (Advisor to the Group), the Human Healthcare Consultant's scope of work, which may be augmented with other insights relevant to the group’s objectives for the country, will include:

a) Preparation of a Zambia Market Landscape Report covering the following:

  • PESTLE analysis of the country

  • Cultural landscape of the country that will influence conducting business in country.

  • Human Capital and Industrial Relations overview of country, as well as the availability of skills and talent in Zambia.

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector in Zambia

--Macro overview of the healthcare system and funding/reimbursement

--Key trends in the pharma and healthcare sector, market developments, market failures and opportunities to be a key player in the sector.

--Consumer journey for access to medicines and healthcare in Zambia, highlighting key market failures and opportunities.

--Burden of disease, current and emerging.

--Size of the Pharma market, as well as estimated growth and relevant insights, defined within the  following segments:

-Public sector, NGO’s, and Private Sector,

-Innovator and Generics,

-Consumer, Prescription and if available, diagnostics and veterinary healthcare

--Map of the Pharma Supply Value Chain in country, showing the flow of commodities.

--Top 10 manufacturers in the market, including the economics of their business and how they service the market.

--Top 10 Distributors in the market, including:

-Names and Ownership details

-Total revenue of the business and mix of business portfolio.

-Current infrastructure in place, including sales force, warehousing, admin and support staff.

--Top 10 Consumer and Pharma products in the market currently

--New products that will be needed in the market, particularly where there are portfolio gaps.

--Pricing and reimbursement landscape for pharmaceuticals

-Medicine pricing value chain, including mark-up ex wholesalers, ex pharmacies.

-Overview of logistics costs (freight, duties, regulatory, clearing, VAT) for medicines, personal care, complementary medicines, and diagnostics.

--Channel analysis:

-Number of Pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, and wholesalers in country

-Overview of the retail sector

--Critical success factors for Bien Africa for consideration in entering the Zambian market.

--Build a Five-Year Business Case for Bien Africa which includes the following:

-Revenue projections and key assumptions applied

-Gross Margins Yielded based on mix and margin structure.

-Cost structure required to support a sustainable business structure.

b) Carry Out Stakeholder Mapping of the Pharmaceutical Market in Zambia

As part of the report, the consultant is required to build a stakeholder map for the country in the healthcare sector, which highlights the value chain, key players, the levels of influence and names of the key contact persons that the Bien Group will need to establish relationships with, as it establishes its footprint in Zambia.


Experience and Qualifications

  • At least 15-20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, particularly in the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer business.

  • Sound understanding and experience of the Pharma and Consumer Supply Chain, both from a technical, distribution and commercial perspective.

  • Strong networks in the healthcare sector, and ability to connect the group with key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, Regulatory authorities, major NGO’s, Clinicians, Pharmacists, and Influencers in the sector.

  • Must have extensive experience working in the Zambian market, as well as the rest of the Central Africa region.

How to Apply

Send your application to by close of business on 10th June, 2021. Please ensure the subject line of your email clearly indicates: 'HUMAN HEALTHCARE CONSULTANT'.


Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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